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        Cat is a very clever to let you MEIZHE elf, general family feed the cat food mainly to cat food, but also often heard cat owners said their cat picky eaters is very powerful, so what is the what is the reason that he picky eaters of it? If a cat does not eat cat food in case we should do?

        First of all, the reason should find the kitty cat food to eat. A healthy diet is not normal, the cat suddenly do not eat food. As a master to better solve the problem, or should first find the cause, then in order to develop a better solution.

        Second, do not eat cat cat food, may be brought up to bad eating habits. In view of this situation, parents take measures to deal with some of the more. When necessary, you can go to 1-2, and when the cat is really hungry, it will start to eat. Although this treatment method is more rough, but the behavior is not good for the cat has a certain role.

        Third, the cat does not eat cat food, there may be a problem because of their. For example, the cat cold sick, stomach upset, and so on. It's like people are sick, and the appetite is not good. Cats in the body is not comfortable, their appetite will be severely affected. Appear this situation not to be tough forced cat to cat food to eat, but should first cure for it, and then slowly adjust the diet.

        Fourth, the cat does not eat cat food, cat food may also be the problem itself. Is very simple, if the cat has been spoiled, or fill the serious odor, then so fresh food, cats, how will want to eat? So, want to let the cat eat a normal cat food, to ensure food quality.

        Actually processing cat picky eaters, there are a lot of ways, as long as it is not the problem, just single picky eaters, then you need not worry cat picky eaters.