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        - growing puppies and need a lot of energy, so each 100g of puppy dog food to 10 calories higher than adult dog food, high calorie design to meet the growing puppies energy needs.

        Puppy dog food: every 100g about 365kcal, a dog: dog food is about 355kcal per 100g

        - in order to puppy body, healthy bones, the essential protein content is 1.1 times of the dog.

        Puppy: more than 25% of crude protein, crude protein in adult dogs: more than 23%

        For the healthy growth of the puppy super configuration of vitamin E, to support a healthy immune system.

        Puppy: more than vitamin E 200IU, vitamin E in dogs: more than 75IU

        Designed for the healthy growth of puppies, strengthen the configuration of the B vitamins.

        Puppy: more than vitamin B group 13.4mg, a dog: vitamin B group more than 8.4mg